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Off the Beaten Path. Explore. Learn. Have fun.
Geocaching information and resources
Off the Beaten Path. Explore. Learn. Have fun.
TopTen1 page
Our Top 10 Lists - Everybody loves these
Top10SafetyReminders1 page
Top 10 Geocaching Safety Reminders - Learn from other's mistakes
Top10GeocachingTactics1 page
Top 10 Geocaching Tactics - Learn from our mistakes
Top10Websites1 page
Top 10 Geocaching Websites - Good hardware and software tools
Top10ScenicVistas1 page
Top 10 Scenic Vistas - Geocaching takes you there
Top10WaysHowNotToFindAGeocache1 page
Top 10 Ways How NOT To Find A Geocache - GPS alone is not enough
Top10TraditionalGeocaches1 page
Top 10 Traditional Geocaches - Bring your GPS and camera
Battlefields1 page
Battlefields - Geocache, explore, learn all at once
FortLigonier1 page
Fort Ligonier - Fighting fort in two colonial wars
FortDuquesne1 page
Capture of Fort Duquesne takes five years
Singapore1 page
Singapore - WW2 British Tropical Debacle
Pensacola1 page
Pensacola - Early Civil War Union Victory
GhostsOfShilohBattlefield1 page
Shiloh Ghost Encounter - Our most unique geocaching experience
DakotaWar1 page
1862 Dakota Uprising - Minnesota's Other Civil War
TheAlamo1 page
The Alamo - History, myths and legends
ForgottenFront1 page
Desert Battles of the Civil War
Monongahela1 page
Braddock's Defeat at the Battle of the Monongahela
BushyRun1 page
Bushy Run - Last battle of Pontiac's War
FettermanMassacre1 page
The Fetterman Fight - Army disaster in Red Cloud's War
FortBlakeley1 page
Fort Blakeley - Last battle of the Civil War
FortMims1 page
Fort Mims-Brutal Massacre During the Creek War
FortNecessity1 page
Fort Necessity - George Washington's Hopeless Battle
FortPhilKearney1 page
Fort Phil Kearney - Frontier outpost in Red Cloud's War
JumonvilleGlen1 page
Jumonville Glen - George Washington starts a world war
LittleBighorn1 page
Little Bighorn Battlefield - Custer's last battle
Monocacy3 pages
Monocacy Junction - The 1864 Battle That Saved the Union
WagonBoxFight1 page
Wagon Box Fight - Firepower alters history on the Great Plains
CoolPlaces1 page
Cool Places - Exploring hotspots
FieldOfDreams1 page
Geocache, explore and play ball at the Field of Dreams
HotelDelCoronado1 page
Hotel Del Coronado - Geocache in Victorian seaside splendor
JeromeArizona1 page
Geocache and explore in a real wild west ghost town
LambeauField1 page
Lambeau Field - Geocachers and Green Bay Packers
NiagaraFalls1 page
Niagara Falls - geocache, letterbox and explore in two countries.
OtoRanch1 page
OTO Ranch - Great backcountry geocache
ParkerHomestead1 page
Parker Homestead - Gorgeous spot for a geocache
SanAntonioRiverwalk1 page
Riverwalk - Challenging geocaches, good food, great scenery
JeanBonnetTavern1 page
Jean Bonnet Tavern - Feeding and haunting Pennsylvania for 250 years.
FatLorenzos1 page
Fat Lorenzo's - Great Italian food in Minneapolis
RoadkillCafe1 page
Roadkill Cafe - Down home southern cooking with personality
PortsFortsandBattles1 page
Fort - Homeland Security 200 Years Ago
attackdefend1 page
Attacking and Defending Forts
engineering1 page
Third System Fortress Engineering
BrickForts1 page
Second and Third System Coastal Defense Forts
FortBarrancas1 page
Fort Barrancas - Haunted guardian of Pensacola Bay
FortGaines1 page
Fort Gaines - Doomed sentry of Dauphin Island
FortMorgan1 page
Fort Morgan - Doomed sentry of Mobile Bay
FortPickens1 page
Fort Pickens - Guarding the front door to Pensacola Bay
AdvancedRedoubt1 page
Advanced Redoubt - Guarding the back door to Pensacola
EndicottForts1 page
Endicott Forts Improve Homeland Security but not for Long.
GhostTowns1 page
Ghost Towns and Old Cemeteries - Great for exploring
ConataSD1 page
Conata, SD - Railroad ghost town with a geocache on main street
BootHillMammoth1 page
Old City Cemetery - Geocache on a Yellowstone Boot Hill
BootHillJerome1 page
Jerome's Old Miners Cemetery - Geocache guarded by ghosts of tough hombres
StStephensAL1 page
Old St. Stephens - Where Alabama began and geocaches remain
RubyAZ1 page
Ruby, AZ - Mountains, Mines and Murder
SpokaneSD1 page
Spokane, SD - Black Hills ghost town now home to geocaches
GhostTrailAZ1 page
Geocaching on the Arizona Ghost Town Trail
Parks1 page
Parks - Geocache and explore with or without a GPS
CookeLake1 page
Cooke Lake - geocache at an alpine lake 20 miles from anywhere.
PeshtigoFire1 page
Peshtigo burns the same night as the Great Chicago Fire - only worse
Flight931 page
Flight 93 Memorial - Courage, sacrifice and hallowed ground
RangerMassacre1 page
Massacre of Phillips' Rangers - Site of unspeakable horror and unsettled spirits
AlleghenyPortageRailroad1 page
Allegheny Portage Railroad - An engineering marvel that couldn't compete
DevilsTower1 page
Devils Tower - spectacular natural wonder and Native American holy ground.
LewisAndClarkCaverns1 page
Lewis and Clark Caverns - Geocache after a 2 mile hike underground
Shrine_of_Good_Help1 page
First Marian apparition site in the US and survivor of the Peshtigo Fire
TunnelsBridgesCanals1 page
Tunnels, Bridges, Canals