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Geocaching and its relatives are information driven. Gathering that information is a big part of "the game". Routes, weather, road conditions, terrain and a host of other factors can effect your results and often your safety. Most of this information is online, starting with the target description on the respective activity websites. Then it's off to more sites to fill in the blanks. That's the purpose of this page. Here you'll find a listing of online resources which should give you more than enough information for a safe and successful hunt.

Don't neglect sources that are not online. Gazetteers and topographic maps are invaluable. When we're out in the wild driving towards a hunt, we always have a state Delorme Gazetteer with us. I always do a map recon before we leave. A Gazetteer or a topo map will tell you things that the GPS can't. And of course, you can't go wrong by asking the locals as you pass through new territory. We've done it many times.

The links are divided alphabetically in sections. I've also included a technology section. There is a definite geek factor as these activities rely heavily on technology. Again, that's part of "the game." Before I retired, I was a network security consultant. I know first hand that the Internet can be a dangerous place. One of my passions (besides Natasha and geocaching) is to educate people about the threats they face and help them to become more secure online. Before you dive into your searches and information gathering, be sure you are safe. This is especially true if you are on public wifi, where you might spend quite a bit of time on your quests. I think you'll find these technology links quite useful and eye opening.

We've used all of these sources in our own adventures at some point. I hope you'll find them useful as we have. Most of them are free.  The ones that cost money are noted with a $$. Empty cells are for future use. If you find a broken link or have a resource to pass on, feel free to drop us a line.

Cheers ... Boris and Natasha

Specific Activity Websites

My Geo Position Get GPS coordinates for any spot in the world.

Geocaching dot com - The main site for geocaching $$

Mother Road Get your kicks on Route 66.

Munzees Geocaching with QR codes

My Topo - U.S. coverage. Scalable. Printable. FREE.

Atlasquest Excellent letterboxing site

National Park Service - Information about all parks and facilities

Letterboxing - The original letterboxing site

Rails-to-Trails - Find a place to bike and geocache

GPSgames - Other GPS activities. Great for travel and exploring

Benchmark Hunting A change of pace

Topographic Maps - Coverage of the entire US with maps and aerial photos $$

NPS Passport Stamps Another obsessive activity - Find and download information on 42,000 trails in North America $$

Waymarking - Geocaching offshoot. Great for travel and exploring

Urban Exploration - Not a walk in the park

Orienteering - Excellent supplement to geocaching

Urban Legends Exposed - Captain Kangaroo was not at Iwo Jima

Getting Started   Pages from My Website
and Posts from My Blog

Other Useful Sources and Information

Geocaching 101

Access Your Government - Get almost anything done online

GPS 101

CIA World Factbook - One stop shop for current information about anywhere

Geocaching with Smart Phones

Create-A-Graph - Great online graphing program. Simple to use but great graphs

Geocaching with Handheld GPS

Delorme - Home to Street Atlas and Gazetteers

Geocaching Software

Hard to Find Customer Service Phone Numbers Talk to a human.


How Stuff Works - Lookup anything about anything. Good geocaching and GPS info

Benchmark Hunting

Invisible Shields - Protect all your electronic devices

NPS Passport Stamps

Junk Science - My favorite politically incorrect resource


Lookup Zip codes, Area Codes - and a whole lot more for free

Geocaching resources for kids - Suggested by the students at the Brenham Community Center in Texas

Make Use Of - Practical tech advice for the not-so-tech types

Military Lodging - Guest accommodations world-wide

Outdoor Sites, Resources, Tools, Information

Online Reference Desk - Fact checker for the Internet

Adventure Racing - Multi-sport test of skill and endurance

The Time Now - Time, weather, local info and more

Time and Date Everything you need for calendars and clocks.

American Ghost Towns - Listed by state. Great for exploring

USA Atlas Maps, photos, travel resources in the good ole U.S. of A.

CacheStats - Track and manipulate your cache numbers

Weather Spark Forecasts, graphs and charts for anywhere

Civil War Traveler - Plan your Civil War site explorations

Web Cams - From all over the world

Civil War Virtual Tours - The next best thing to being there

World Atlas Comprehensive travel and information site.

Earth Caches - Seek out nature's own geocaches

Xanterra - Check availability and get reservations for most national parks 

EarthWatch - Scientific and exploratory expeditions around the world

Technology, Privacy and Security

EveryTrail - Find, plan and record trips. Read about others

Anonymouse Web based private surfing and email. A must these days.
ExpertGPS - Integrated geocache management for handheld GPS $$

Disposable Web Accounts - Protect your identity online

Geocache Navigator - Turn your phone into a geocaching machine $$

Disposable Web Pages - 90 day web pages for short term uses

Geocaching Guide - Good primer for new geocachers

Do Not Track Me Privacy tools

Ghost Towns, Mines, Mining Camps - We love poking around these

EPIC - Electronic Privacy Information Center

Google Earth - Awesome tool is now free

Gibson Research - One of the best security sites anywhere

Google Earth Geocaching KML - Overlays geocaches on Earth imagery

Guardian Project Mobile security apps

GPS File Depot Free topo maps for Garmin devices.

My Shadow Resources to help protect your information and privacy

Harpers Ferry Center Free downloadable National Park Service  maps 

TOR Complete web anonymity via The Onion Router (TOR) project

Historical Marker Data Base - Those roadside plaques you drive by

Two Way Radios Great article about off the shelf walkie-talkies

Legends of America Very informative history and travel site.

What Is My IP Address Play hide and seek with the NSA