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Everybody loves Top 10 lists. The topics are endless.  They're easy to read, easy to write and provide a lot of information in a condensed, easy to understand format.  So here's our Top 10 lists. Check back often. We've got a bunch more in the works.  If you've got a topic to suggest or a Top 10 list you want to share, feel free to send it to us.  We'll publish it and put your name on it. 

Here's a Top 10 list we decided to put on this page. These notations are used throughout the geocaching community. You'll see them on other pages and sites.


            Top 10 Geocaching Abbreviations

     #10. TNLN - Took Nothing Left Nothing.  Used to sign a log.

     #9.  DNF - Did Not Find.  Used to sign a log.

     #8.  TFTC - Thanks For The Cache.  Used to sign a log.

     #7.  SL - Signed Log.  Used to (all together now).......???

     #6.  CITO - Cache In Trash Out.  Our bit for the environment.

     #5.  PNG - Park And Grab.  A quick, easy cache or so they say.

     #4.  GZ - Ground Zero.  The actual location of the cache.

     #3.  GPSr - Global Positioning System receiver.  Usually your handheld unit.

     #2.  FTF - First To Find. The Holy Grail of geocaching - get to a new cache first, then TNLNSLTFTC.

     #1.  FUBAR - Fouled Up Beyond All Repair.  Or you can add your own action word at the beginning.