Top 10 Ways How NOT To Find A Geocache


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Why... so... serious? We decided to have a little fun with some of Alpha6's old military pictures.

  Do not try this at home.

#10 - Your GPS unit takes you to the croc pit at Gator World. 

Alpha6 in
                    the croc pit.


#9 - Look for that nanocache at night.



#8 - Write a letter to Santa Clause.

                    and Santa.


#7 - Tag along with a SEAL team

Alpha6 with the


#6 - Move inland with your swim fins on.

Alpha6 and Marines go for
                    a fin swim.


#5 - Use your American Express Gold card.

Alpha6 with AMEX card.


#4 - Try to spot the cache from too high up.

Recon Marines
                    on a SPIE rig.


#3 - Expect your GPS unit to take you right to the cache.

Alpha6 parachuting.


#2 - Forget your equipment.

                    looking lost.


and finally.....


#1 - Hire a local guide who don't need no stinkin' geocache.