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KidsRN and I have over 1,000 caches each. Before she and I met, I cached with my son, Bravo Lima. That number doesn't give us any particular bragging rights.  There are folks out there with 10,000 finds. But we've done enough to call ourselves experienced geocachers and we've cached in 35 states. We've done our share of park'n'grabs and walkups, but we really like to seek out caches that are different, difficult or pose some sort of special challenge, such as remoteness, historical significance or one that nobody has seen for two years. Some definitely stand out more than others. We've hyperlinked each of our Top 10 to so you can check them out further, if you want.  Here they are...

#10 - On the Slick Rock, Utah.  Spectacular formations of bare rock in the middle of the desert.

Utah Slick Rock



#9 -  Spooky Tunnel, Pennsylvania.  Bravo Lima and I hiked to this long-abandoned tunnel in the boondocks and found it still very active with ???.

Old Allegheney
                    Tunnel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.



#8 -  Cooke Lake/Cliff Swallow Trail, Wyoming. A remote alpine lake tucked away in the Black Hills. Nice three mile trail to/from the cache.

Cooke Lake, WY.   KidsRN on
                          the Swallowtail Trail.



#7 - GPS Spokanehere, South Dakota. Old mining ghost town with some structures still standing - barely.

Alpha6 at the
                    Spokane ghost town.



#6 - Caves of Door Bluff Headlands, Wisconsin.  Long walk down a stony beach on the shore of Lake Michigan. Then a climb up and into a cave. 

Lake Michigan
                          shore on the Door Coounty bluffs.   Cave in Door
                          County bluffs.



#5 - Grizzly Den, Wyoming. Outside the East Gate of Yellowstone Park in "Grizzly Alley".  A high altitude hike with spectacular scenery everywhere.

KidsRN getting a
                          cache in grizzly country.   Kids RN getting
                          a cache in grizzly country.



#4 - Trolls Cache, Montana. Bravo Lima and I needed two attempts at this one in the middle of the Bitterroot range, but it was worth it.

Bravo Lima finds the
                    Trolls cache.



#3 -  Cedar Hill Natural Arch, Colorado. Maybe the toughest cache physically we've done. Required bouldering and pinpoint route selection.

Route to the Arch
                          cache.   Natural arch in



#2 -  Big Spring Cache, Iowa.  Requires working your way up through a three level waterfall, then a fourth one to the spring at the top.

                          Springs Falls - bottom.   Big
                          Springs Falls - top.


#1 - OTO Ranch, Montana. The state's first dude ranch, abandoned in 1939. Partially restored by volunteers. A four mile hike above 7,000 feet.

OTO Ranch -
                          abandoned corral area.   KidsRN at the OTO