Top 10 Scenic Vistas


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One of the great things about geocaching is that it gets you out into places that you would never go to otherwise. We often come across great scenery in our travels.  Particularly out west, there's a Kodak moment around every bend.  Every once in a while though, we happen upon a vista which is there and gone in a moment. Clouds, sky, animals, fall colors, mist, shadows, snow and sunlight often combine to offer a breathtaking view which is gone in a matter of seconds. Our camera has caught a number of them.  These are our favorites.

#10.  Coronado Bay Bridge, San Diego, CA.  New Year's Day. The bay, the boats, the sun - this is California dreamin' on a winter's day.

Coronado Bay


#9.  Old Faithful, Yellowstone Park, WY. A classic look at a timeless wonder.



#8.  Devil's Tower, WY. A post card view of this sacred Native American ground.

Devil's Tower.


#7.  Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, WY. Alpine peaks rise straight up off the valley floor.



#6.  Upper Yellowstone Falls, Yellowstone National Park, WY. The Yellowstone River puts on a show.

                    Yellowstone Falls.


#5.  Parker Homestead, Three Forks, MT. A harsh life in a beautiful setting on the frontier.



#4.  Yellowstone National Park, WY. A lone buffalo on the Yellowstone River.

                    buffalo on the Yellowstone River.


#3.  Teton Pass, Jackson Hole, WY. Fall color comes to the mountains.



#2.  Lighthouse, Point Loma, CA.  The early evening fog rolls in off the Pacific Ocean.

Point Loma


#1.  Lookout Point, Grand Canyon, AZ.  Christmas Day.  Winter and the canyon in all their splendor.

Lookout Point, Grand
                    Canyon in the winter.