Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX


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A restaurant on the Riverwalk.

Early morning and ready for another day of canal side dining. This is also prime geocaching time.

Downtown San Antonio is home to one the most beautifully developed urban  areas in the country - The Riverwalk.  Many cities boast about how they have a "Riverwalk" but none come close to the one in San Antone. First conceived in the 1960's, it has been evolving ever since and now extends all the way to Alamo Plaza. The river part of it is a man-made canal filled with water diverted from the San Antonio River.






View from our balcony in the Omni La Mansion del Rio Hotel.
View from our balcony in the Omni La Mansion del Rio Hotel.



The canal is lined on both sides with restaurants, shops and hotels, all in southwest decor and very classy. You won't find any run down tourist traps here. You can find just about any cuisine in the world and dine year round indoors or out. Dining and tour boats ply the water.  Lush and gorgeous botanical gardens abound throughout the area. The Alamo, the IMAX theater, the convention center and other city highlights are all within walking distance or you can take the trolley.




KidsRN on the geohunt at Paseo del Rio - Riverwalk.

KidsRN at Paseo del Rio - The Riverwalk.


There are at least two dozen geocaches right on the Riverwalk and many more just a short distance off of it. Some are virtual, some are the real thing.  You can cover the whole Riverwalk and work off those great meals on the veranda with some geohunts. They present some unique challenges. The narrow canal area and tall buildings can interfere with a good GPS signal. And of course, you'll be dodging muggles.

Overall, it is a safe, friendly and fascinating place to visit. We are not usually enamored with commercial places, preferring to go Off The Beaten Path. But we thoroughly enjoyed the Riverwalk. Bring your appetite, your walking shoes and your GPS.  You'll need all three.

The GPS coordinates for the heart of the Riverwalk near the intersection of Navarro and Crocket streets are 29.424959, -98.489672. Click on the coordinates to bring up an interactive Google Map.

Cheers....The Cachemanian Devils